What do you do?

@leemunroe asked today:

Quick question for web designers: When someone asks you “What do you do?” what is your reply? e.g. web designer, ux designer, webmaster…

I see a lot of buzz online about this recently..

For some time the ‘online world building business’, as I call it, has been getting more complicated  and developing into more disctinct specialisms. But..

On one side there are clients and for most this is all quite too complicated. Most clients, not all of course, still end up with the inevitable ‘so you design websites, right?’

The other side – the industry, seems to be asking the question now too. Personally, i don’t think any of the online jobs can, and do, exist in a vacuum: they are all interlinked and to be an expert in one you need solid knowledge of the others. I usually describe what I do as ‘user experience design’. But that is sometimes down to the project I work on, depending on the size and extensity I act as the designer + information architect + project manager in one. If the project is more advanced you need to fill in all those roles separately, but they are intertwined and all of these experts will interact and influence each other. Moreover, having knowledge in all web production areas definitely helps in becoming better at your specialism. Great article about Homo Universalis here.

shame on you, ryanair!!!

i am so annoyed it is unbelievable!
my flight ticket stated it’s £15.08 return, plus taxes.
the plus taxes brought me up to £59.65.
i have then been charged for:
2 x (Airport Check in) £9.50
2 x (Pax carrying 1 Checked in Bag) £19.00
Visa Handling Fee £9.50
bringing the total to £97.65.
this is not a cheap airline. this is a rip off. i have been charged for checking in!! like i had an option. like i could select not to. surely checking in at the airport is part of the service???? and charging me 10 quid for using a Visa card is just unreal. i buy so many things online, and never have i seen such an outrageous charge for a visa transaction.
just because i can’t fly with anyone else to this particular place. absolutely disgusting.

disabling emails on O2 blackberry

yes, i have a new shiny toy :D my new blackberry curve 8900 is fantastic, it’s cute and sleek, just small enough, the screen is very clear, and it works like a treat. i was supposed to wait 48 hours for the email services but they started working after half a day.

the only issue i found was that if i’m in front of my computer at home or at work, i get the same emails on the BB and on the computer, so i wanted to be able to temporarily disable the emails, rather that delete the email accounts. after playing with email settings and searching the forums for a solution, which seemed not to exist, i finally managed to disable the emails temporarily. you need to log into your o2email.co.uk account, and there, under email settings, go to filters, and check the little option that says ‘When no filters apply do not forward messages to device’. as i have no filters set up, it has disabled the emails being pushed to the device. and i can enable them back at any time.

Bruce Springsteen – Parc des Princes – Paris 27th June

As everybody probably knows I went to Paris to see the love of my life :)
For those of you who don’t know, i went to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Yes – BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!
I must say, the gig was simply AWESOME. 30 000 people singing Boss’ songs with a French accent ;) only kidding.
But seriously, the concert was absolutely fantastic, and well worth all that queuing to get to the front. The Boss was in top form, played for just over 3 hours and managed to squeeze in quite a few stunners. He opened with ‘Adam Raised a Cain’ which surprised a few, then followed with ‘Radio Nowhere’, ‘Spirit in the night’, ‘Living in the future’, ‘Girls in the summer clothes’ and so on. He collected quite few requests which resulted in ‘Janey don’t you loose heart’ and the superb ‘No surrender’ – when he showed the sign for ‘Fire’ the band started playing ‘I’m on fire’ but he yelled “Not ‘I’m on Fire’ — ‘Fire’!”. He also performed the beautiful ‘For you’ solo at the piano. And finally he played my personal favourite RANDEZVOUS – YAY :D
Oh Rock and Roll doesn’t get any better than this :D

Full set on flickr

information overload

on saturday i got ambushed on picadilly circus, some kind of a game,
two kids asking me questions and looking expectantly at me while i
miserably failed to answer any of them.
so here the go:
1. the
cheapest student underground fare from zone 1 to 3? – I THINK it’s
£2.00 outside peak hours, as the student discount only applies to
season tickets, but feel free to correct.
2. how much does Big Ben weigh? – as far as i can find about 15 ton, how can you expect anyone to know that??
3. since when are the coronations carried out in Westminster Abbey? – i think since 1066, the coronations of King Harold and William the Conqueror.
(there were more questions but i gave up)

That’s it, i bet YOU wouldn’t have known that.