Tourist Season

Standing up for Florida just got a whole lot more violent. In Tourist
Season we see just that, open season for hunting tourists. What’s
really twisted is the terrorists are lovable characters, and they can
almost convince us what they’re up to is right.
And as usual with
Carl Hiaasen we have a whole procession of colorful characters, and the
coincidental twists bringing humor at almost every possible turn. It’s quite not politically correct and the language is pretty colourfull too :) We
finally see sergeant Al Garcia in full swing here.

cathedral of the sea

I have just been lent the Cathedral of the Sea (La catedral del mar) by Ildefonso Falcones, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. Magnificent, intoxicating – although simple in style – the story is simply captivating. From the very first chapter you are brutally introduced to the ways of medieval Barcelona and Catalunya. You follow a tale of father and son as they struggle from slavery through diseases, war and noblemen conspiracies,  never loosing hope. Fate, love, money and Inquisition fight each other for power, while in the background the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral is slowly being built by the ‘people’ of Barcelona.
This book is a keeper.

Beach Road

James Patterson with Peter DeJonge

A winner!! Finally!! we’re back to the Patterson we all know and love
story is beautifully developed, leading the reader through the
procession of facts and clues and leaves just enough room to double
guess every character.
And the final is as unexpected as should be.
And there’s the crafty insight into criminal mind. I have a feeling it
could do with a little bit more time spent on it, but at least you
don’t have a feeling you’re reading a first draft..
Keep it up Mr. Patterson