disabling emails on O2 blackberry

yes, i have a new shiny toy :D my new blackberry curve 8900 is fantastic, it’s cute and sleek, just small enough, the screen is very clear, and it works like a treat. i was supposed to wait 48 hours for the email services but they started working after half a day.

the only issue i found was that if i’m in front of my computer at home or at work, i get the same emails on the BB and on the computer, so i wanted to be able to temporarily disable the emails, rather that delete the email accounts. after playing with email settings and searching the forums for a solution, which seemed not to exist, i finally managed to disable the emails temporarily. you need to log into your o2email.co.uk account, and there, under email settings, go to filters, and check the little option that says ‘When no filters apply do not forward messages to device’. as i have no filters set up, it has disabled the emails being pushed to the device. and i can enable them back at any time.

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