facebook reactions


no doubt everyone knows about the new ‘reactions’ introduced by Facebook by now.

the lack of the ‘unlike’ emoticon is quite notable. while there’s the lukewarm ‘like’ and the stronger ‘love’, on the negative side there’s only the strong ‘angry’. There isn’t anything to express that you don’t like what someone posted, while not exactly being ‘angry’ about it. Mark Zuckerberg hinted at as much, when he revealed that Facebook were working on something that would allow users to express ’empathy’, but not end up as a ‘like/dislike’ voting system. So possibly that’s why there’s no ‘not cool’ button to express mild negative feelings, which from a user’s perspective might be quite useful..

As for marketing – the votes are still out. Current consensus seems to be that this won’t really have any significant value for marketers.

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