information overload

on saturday i got ambushed on picadilly circus, some kind of a game,
two kids asking me questions and looking expectantly at me while i
miserably failed to answer any of them.
so here the go:
1. the
cheapest student underground fare from zone 1 to 3? – I THINK it’s
£2.00 outside peak hours, as the student discount only applies to
season tickets, but feel free to correct.
2. how much does Big Ben weigh? – as far as i can find about 15 ton, how can you expect anyone to know that??
3. since when are the coronations carried out in Westminster Abbey? – i think since 1066, the coronations of King Harold and William the Conqueror.
(there were more questions but i gave up)

That’s it, i bet YOU wouldn’t have known that.

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