How private is my data in Evernote?

Well I had a bit of a shock today. I use Evernote religiously. I mean I actually don’t know how I managed to even function before Evernote. I use it on all my devices and I use it to organise EVERYTHING. It simply is THE BEST.
So imagine my surprise.
I was somehow under the impression that when I stop using Evernote on a computer, and log out of the app, the notes would not be accessible to anyone else. Well I had another think coming, didn’t I.
There, snugly in my users folder, are the files:

Which can be opened by any text editor, native Windows Notepad or Notepad++, not to look too far.
And while the file looks encrypted at a first glance, and about half of it looks like this:

there are whole notes visible and searchable and accessible in there as well:

I have contacted Evernote over this, and their response stated that:
– files over 500MB cannot be opened by Notepad – which doesn’t really help me as my file is about 50MB, and isn’t the point really
– I can add encryption to specifically sensitive notes – while I appreciate that, I was kinda under the impression that there was a log-in and log-out option there for a reason, ie if I log out at the end of the day, other people can’t access my content, like Google Drive sort of thing, right? RIGHT?

“I know that this can be a bit disconcerting but please rest assured that your data is safe with us.”

Well it is massively disconcerting. And no, it doesn’t feel that my data is all that safe. Makes me wonder what other computers I’ve ever used Evernote on and should I try to remove the data….


Evernote seems to be under fire over the new privacy policy, but really, if you look at the above, they probably had access to it anyway?


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