shame on you, ryanair!!!

i am so annoyed it is unbelievable!
my flight ticket stated it’s £15.08 return, plus taxes.
the plus taxes brought me up to £59.65.
i have then been charged for:
2 x (Airport Check in) £9.50
2 x (Pax carrying 1 Checked in Bag) £19.00
Visa Handling Fee £9.50
bringing the total to £97.65.
this is not a cheap airline. this is a rip off. i have been charged for checking in!! like i had an option. like i could select not to. surely checking in at the airport is part of the service???? and charging me 10 quid for using a Visa card is just unreal. i buy so many things online, and never have i seen such an outrageous charge for a visa transaction.
just because i can’t fly with anyone else to this particular place. absolutely disgusting.

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