Instagram business accounts

Business accounts are coming to Instagram, and with them – some powerful analytics capabilities:


“Instagram is giving marketers everything they could ever ask for: follower demographic analytics. Now, you’re able to see where your followers are located, their gender, and their age.”

Apart from user insights, we will also be able to look into post analytics and view the reach, impressions and clicks. The userbase was desperate for these, and Instagram has listened.

But we still miss the old logo!

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product tank october

Interesting talk by Lee from @whatusersdo at London Product Tank, aptly titled: ‘data driven nonsense’.
Main point: focus on customer insight, rather than data insight, as data is incomplete, incremental and open to interpretation. Use any tool to find the REAL ‘why’: live chat, guerrilla usability tests, speak to customer service staff and to ‘real’ people.

Example given was of a park, with nice paved alleyways and one trodden path. Big data will tell you, that if you make an alleyway wider, then 2% more people will walk on it. But it will not tell you why people are ignoring your alleyways and going across on the beaten path. For that you need ‘real’ insight’.

Also, interesting stat, according to Lee: 67% of users who start a purchase journey on a smartphone, finish it on a desktop.