product tank october (2)

At the October London Product Tank, one member of the audience asked the panelist ‘how do you know, if to improve the product, keep optimising, or just to scrap the whole project?’

I thought it was a good question, in terms of experience. I think, but it would be good to hear other people’s opinions, that it all boils down to gut feeling. If the product is underperforming, Jo Binding said, you can go back to initial stages, and re-assess the approach, evaluations, see where you’ve gone wrong and that might give you a hint of where to look to improve/fix. However, the decision to keep improving or scrap will at some point be down to your instincts. You will know if the product has enough potential, or you will know deep down that the chance has passed.

(And I’m not talking here about products that you knew from the beginning were wrong, and you were producing them as demanded by stakeholders)