Fast pace of digital

Couple of talks at recent digital marketing events made me realise that we’re all scrambling hard to keep the pace. We were all happy to deploy our shiny new responsive sites, only to see bootstrap release v3, now it’s the mobile-first approach. Adaptive is the new responsive, twitter cards are already old hat, Facebook business pages go through yet another update. Not to mention all the new APIs for e-commerce and fulfillment. You’ve deployed the universal analytics but that’s not quite enough. Segmentation is the new black, and it all takes time to implement and adjust your digital offering to new approach, personalization and all. And why are you not on Vime??

It was refreshing to hear others admit honestly that they are also finding the pace challenging. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, that’s why we’re all in digital, right? Because it offers so much variety and adapts quickly to new times. But it does all make your head swirl. Just a bit :)

Estimote Beacons

Came across these today: beacons (Real world context for your apps)

I think it’s one of these things that sneaks into the market, looking all cute, but has power to change the game in a major way. I am trying to see the practical application of these, but I think the potential is huge. Google analytics in real life. Indoor navigation. Targeted content in retail shops. It could just be the thing that will bridge the online and brick and mortar retail experiences. Rock on.