Instagram business accounts

Business accounts are coming to Instagram, and with them – some powerful analytics capabilities:


“Instagram is giving marketers everything they could ever ask for: follower demographic analytics. Now, you’re able to see where your followers are located, their gender, and their age.”

Apart from user insights, we will also be able to look into post analytics and view the reach, impressions and clicks. The userbase was desperate for these, and Instagram has listened.

But we still miss the old logo!

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facebook reactions


no doubt everyone knows about the new ‘reactions’ introduced by Facebook by now.

the lack of the ‘unlike’ emoticon is quite notable. while there’s the lukewarm ‘like’ and the stronger ‘love’, on the negative side there’s only the strong ‘angry’. There isn’t anything to express that you don’t like what someone posted, while not exactly being ‘angry’ about it. Mark Zuckerberg hinted at as much, when he revealed that Facebook were working on something that would allow users to express ’empathy’, but not end up as a ‘like/dislike’ voting system. So possibly that’s why there’s no ‘not cool’ button to express mild negative feelings, which from a user’s perspective might be quite useful..

As for marketing – the votes are still out. Current consensus seems to be that this won’t really have any significant value for marketers.

valentine’s / galentine’s / trends

It seems that Galentine’s Day is definitely gaining momentum, so certainly a trend to incorporate into your marketing strategy for this year..
Obviously, in jewellery, Valentine’s is a huge thing, but it is aimed at people in relationships, which makes it quite selective. The intensive hype about Valentine’s is quite excluding towards single people, and gets tiring very quickly, which might lead to some resentment towards a brand…  And so it’s a great idea, that people are pushing back and celebrating all sorts of relationships instead: friendships, girl-friends and pals… As for marketing, a perfect opportunity to communicate with a segment of your audience, that you have historically excluded/ignored during Valentines, and possibly with a slightly different product range too, so win-win.


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The Swiss decide to rock the markets

The Swiss central bank has removed the peg to euro today, which instantly resulted in a market tumble, as the franc jumped almost 30% in value.

As Swatch CEO told Reuters:

Swatch Group chief executive Nick Hayek called the Swiss National Bank’s decision to discontinue the minimum exchange rate on the Swiss franc a “tsunami” for the Alpine country and its economy.

So far the Swatch Group is down by 10%, Richemont by 11%.
What does it mean for the luxury goods industry? Will the franc stabilise quickly? If not, we will definitely see price increases across the board. Will this also result in a great year for non-swiss watch brands, like Bremont? Time will tell.

The twittersphere reacted with the usual diligence:


Estimote Beacons

Came across these today: beacons (Real world context for your apps)

I think it’s one of these things that sneaks into the market, looking all cute, but has power to change the game in a major way. I am trying to see the practical application of these, but I think the potential is huge. Google analytics in real life. Indoor navigation. Targeted content in retail shops. It could just be the thing that will bridge the online and brick and mortar retail experiences. Rock on.