Wireframes – MockingBird

in the never-ending quest for wireframing tools i have found my perfect match. mocking bird and me, we will go a long way :)
i have been using this nifty online tool for sometime now and must say i’m still to find any shortcomings*. it seems perfect. a beautifully intuitive interface, a library of ready made elements, recently added colour options, resizable canvas size, the cross-linking – it’s all there. it’s easy to share with clients by sending them a link to interactive ‘front-end’ version.
in a recent b2b project it proved to be the life saver between us trying to determine information logic and the client trying to explain to us the way product pricing should work. i don’t have to tell anyone that wireframes make it easier to walk the client through how things will work, but it’s also easy to then add notes and use it as navigation for developement. what more could you want? well – it’s free. i hope it remains so or at least the price is reasonable when it comes out of beta.
go mockingbird!

*it currently doesn’t work in IE so when sending to clients you have to make sure they can view it in FF, Safari, Opera etc..