meltdown and crisis management

Now and again there comes a day, when everything than can, just breaks. The bugs and errors pile up, or the whole data centre goes down, one frantic phone call follows another, getting to the bottom of issues among a circle of suppliers takes FOREVER, and nothing seems to be getting fixed. It’s called a ‘s**t day’, and it just comes from time to time, we work with computers, it just can’t be helped. Murphy’s law kicks in and one disaster attracts another, and there it goes.

Just hold on. Don’t panic. Keep your nerves in check, it WILL pass. Don’t have another coffee! Prioritize the problems, resolve what you can, beg with suppliers and trust that they’re doing everything to remedy the situation. Shout if they aren’t :) And slowly slowly it will all start falling into place. Talk to clients, pick up the phone and keep them informed, they will appreciate it. If they get impatient, remind them that none of it happened on purpose, and that you’re working hard to fix things. Hopefully they’ll understand, and if not, you’ve done your best. You will also learn a lot from this. A meltdown will show you all the holes you need to plug, the bugs and setup issues. You will fix all these things and everything will work better. Until next time ;)