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It seems that Galentine’s Day is definitely gaining momentum, so certainly a trend to incorporate into your marketing strategy for this year..
Obviously, in jewellery, Valentine’s is a huge thing, but it is aimed at people in relationships, which makes it quite selective. The intensive hype about Valentine’s is quite excluding towards single people, and gets tiring very quickly, which might lead to some resentment towards a brand…  And so it’s a great idea, that people are pushing back and celebrating all sorts of relationships instead: friendships, girl-friends and pals… As for marketing, a perfect opportunity to communicate with a segment of your audience, that you have historically excluded/ignored during Valentines, and possibly with a slightly different product range too, so win-win.


ES: Forget Valentine’s Day, girls… here’s everything you need to know about Galentine’s Day

e-commerce and retail – the next big thing?

Got to discussing the Next Big Thing in e-commerce with a friend yesterday.
Personally, I think the single user view is the next big ‘to do’, collating online and offline customer data could be a dealbreaker when it comes to targeting and personalisation. Online buying patterns might differ greatly from the offline brick and mortar shop purchases and the retailers need to find a way to collate those data sets, using the ‘digital passport’ or any other means.
To be effective, the marketing message needs to be consistent and carefully targeted across ALL channels. You might be missing huge opportunities, if your print marketing is different to your online, because you’re going on store purchases. Or if you’re segmenting, and marketing to, your online customers based on their online purchases (while they would only buy silver under £500 on your site, the same person might happily buy precious jewellery over £1,000 in your store).

My friend, a digital marketer herself, thinks that an even bigger shift to mobile devices, mainly tablets, is the one to look for. Any company adapted and prepared for that is going to win big (much scope for creative segmenting here as well). Recent data trends (via dotRising) seem to support that…

time will tell..